The Perfect Man

Do not be an embodier of fame; do not be a storehouse of schemes; do not be an undertaker of projects; do not be a proprietor of wisdom. Embody to the fullest what has no end and wander where there is no trail. Hold on to all that you have received from Heaven but do not think you have gotten anything. Be empty, that is all. The Perfect Man uses his mind like a mirror–going after nothing, welcoming nothing, responding but not storing. Therefore he can win out over things and not hurt himself.

Chuang Tzu, chapter 7

A Brief “Thank You”

Today is Thanksgiving, so now felt like a good time to express my appreciation to friends and family who have either walked with me on my journey or who have respectfully watched from a distance. I won’t list any names here, but you know who you are.

Thank you for:

  • asking thoughtful questions about what I believe and why
  • helping me to better understand my own thoughts and feelings
  • keeping me a part of your life, rather than pushing me away
  • commenting on my blog, sharing what I write and engaging with the discussion in other ways
  • giving me space to be myself, instead of pushing me to see things exactly as you see them
  • being kind
  • being generous
  • just being there

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(photo by Ales Krivec –